The Village Council is responsible for establishing policy to act as direction for Village staff to follow. This is done so that those services that are deemed essential by the electorate and taxpaying residents and businesses of the community are provided in a cost-effective and professional manner. The Council is your voice.

The Village Council is mandated to provide an environment that stimulates participation in the governing processes. The Council is also required to conduct the affairs of the Village openly and responsively

Village Council members are elected to four-year terms on an overlapping basis. The Village Council also serve as the governing body of internal agencies like Community Redevelopment, Local Planning, Housing Authority and others. And soon the Council will be acting as your municipal utility board as well.

Who we elect is only one big part of this process.  Those who decide not to vote forfeit any right to complain about self-imposed adverse circumstances after the fact if they do not choose to vote to begin with.

During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln preached the importance of the government being of, for, and by the people. He argued that voters played the most important role in making sure the government reflected their desires and functioned according to the guidelines of the Constitution.

Despite Lincoln’s appeal to the public, it can be argued that many people today fail to appreciate or acknowledge their role in shaping the government. As U.S. citizens, people maintain these four important responsibilities as eligible voters.

  1. Register to Vote
  2. Vote in elections
  3. Cast an absentee ballot if you are not in town to vote
  4. Keep your registration up to date

Father Time has consistently proven that democracy should never be taken for granted. Instead, it needs considerable nourishment and encouragement from citizens to reach full-scale dimensions.

The outcomes of elections can impact voters’ personal freedoms, taxes, and other aspects of daily life that they take for granted. Because of the far-reaching impact that an election can have, people have the duty to cast their vote if they want a say in how their futures play out.

Consistent presence at ballot boxes creates an accurate voice for We the People. So, remember August the 18th, get out and Vote Indiantown. Together we can make our Village an even greater place to call home.