Just some final thoughts as campaign season in Indiantown has about come to an end. Everyone has talked about what they want the government to give them and a lot of promises have been made. My hope is that you are wiser than the empty air promised to you for your vote, by those that have again promised you even more. Again, without delivering the first time.

“Just wait,we need more time”,  they say. Really? Again?  Isn’t it funny how the promises made are always just out of your reach. More and more it seems out of their reach too. Let’s take the ring back and put the people first.

Personally, we need fewer promises, less from government and more from the people.

It is Your turn now. You are the most important part of this whole process. That is why your vote matters.

My pledge has been consistent from the start.

The words I spoke at the local Chamber meet and greet were the same words I have been saying throughout this election. I want to help increase the standard of living for all of us in Indiantown. In order for us to do this we must make some course corrections before it becomes too late to make them later. That is why your vote matters.

We need to change the way our meetings are handled. The agenda needs to be changed from the Council first to you first. 

I will keep my hands out of your pocket and fight to make sure your money is protected and accounted for with a very high level of Stewardship.

I will be your conduit to the Council. I will open ways that allow you to get involved so you can have your voice included in the discussion. In the end I am but one of five who will have a final vote. I will vote in a way “We the People” have the opportunity to review things, discuss them openly, and then find a resolute path forward before we take action as a Council.

So, as we all have learned, If you see something that is broken – do something about it. So, let’s fix it.  As Kimberly Jackson has so eloquently told us, “Sometimes we have to back up and straighten out before we can drive forward”. I could not agree more.

I support “local 1st ” strategies to growth.

There is a New Day that is soon to Dawn over Indiantown. It brings with it the hopes dreams and future of our great Village. Please do your job as a citizen and vote for those you believe to be the keepers of your trust. Please remember your vote does matter. It is an opportunity to let our voice be heard. Please get out and Vote.

Here are what a few of the other people in town have had to say over the course of the campaign.

Please consider casting your Vote for me – Tony Z – for Village Council Seat 2