Election day is a few short steps away. As we get closer to voting my excitement grows. When I contemplate the reality I may very well be one of five votes that will do the business of the people, I am humbled. Be sure that if you vote for me, Tony Zweiner, I will be the voice of the people. And boy do we need one !

To that end, I would like to share an e-mail from a person that has agreed to let me use their words from the message they sent to me. They have asked that I not reveal their name for concerns of their business and not wanting to drive anybody away. I am sharing these with you because it lifts my spirit to know that if they can see the difference I trust that you can as well. I am hopeful that you will have the trust in me to serve you as the next Councilman for Seat 2. Here are their words:

Email: RxxxxVxxxxx@gmail.com

Message: Good day Tony;

I stopped at the Indiantown Dunkin Donuts for a coffee while passing through and picked up the local Indiantown Currents paper that was on the counter.

Now I don’t know you nor your opponent Janet Hernandez and I really don’t know anything about Indiantown as I reside Points North.

Now whether it be the broadcast media person that I have been for decades and/or the eleven years I spent working with the US Government that makes me analyze everything.

The one thing that caught my attention is the fact that you speak TO the people of why you are running for office where Janet speaks AT the people. As I read why Janet is running for re-election the first thing I noticed is, it comes across as being written by somebody else describing Janet and then when I read yours it comes across as being written by you. That’s the difference. You also mentioned that you would be the people’s employee in which many people in all forms of government long forgot because when I worked with the US Government everything I did and got paid for was courtesy of the taxpayer.

Just for the heck of it and because I’m curious to see the outcome; I’m going to keep an eye on your election.

Considering I do not believe in luck nor do I believe in wishes; I will say… much success to you in your running for office.

Rxxxx Vxxxxx