They Don’t Really Know More Than You

There are those who believe that once they hold the Title of an elected office that somehow they suddenly have a magic gene turned on that allows them to know more than the rest of us. They somehow think they know what we need and they will be the ones to tell you so.

Elected officials are representatives, and ultimately they work for the people who vote for them (their constituents). As members of a government, they are employees of that government, until such time as they are replaced or voted out of office. That is why Stewardship and Accountability are required to insure that an elected officials actions are honorable and serve in the interest of all the people and not just a faction or small segment of the community.

As your next Village Councilman for Seat #2 I promise you that when you make me your employee, any decision or action I take as Councilman, will be taken with the interest of all of Indiantown and not just one group or another.

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