A serious message to help keep things in perspective


There is a new reality coming to Indiantown, none of us know at this time exactly what it will look like but as the day draws near, I find myself excited while at the same time humbled by the thought that I have played a part in this.  Also, by the fact that the reality of my continuing in an active role of this beautiful experiment in self-governing as a City Councilman is consuming more of my time and thought each day. There has been support and encouragement from all neighborhoods of our community!  I wish to say thank you for the over whelming expression of faith in me and my ability to help guide Indiantown back to the original ideas of the Incorporation.

Time and time again people ask “What do you want to do about…” or “What do you stand for?” To my way of thinking those questions are backwards.  It should not matter what I want, as councilman I am Your employee, your public servant.   A City Council Person is not an elected ruling elite.

I honestly believe that the question should be, What Do You Want?  John F. Kennedy stated that we should not ask what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country!   I am asking, what can I do for my community?  I am offering myself, experience, talents and work ethics as a community servant.

I ask only that you do your civil duty now and Vote. Please consider a vote for Tony Zwiener.  Then I ask that you, the constituents continue making your voice heard again. I ask that you make me your conduit to give your voice some volume and to be heard by the City Council. We work for you; the City Manager works for us! Please do not give up this Constitutional right of Democracy that you have to a handful of people.

How will I do this? I will work to renew the Community planning Committees  that my opponent helped dismiss. I will work to involve our community in other neighborhood activities and dialogues to gather and direct your hopes and concerns, making sure that all of our Community is heard, not just specific groups as my opponent has stated.

You will always have my ear and attention.  You see, I do not believe that you must vote for me to be my constituent, my people are all of Indiantown.

You will never hear me say that,” You are not one of the 332 people who voted for me, so I do not have to listen to you, as my opponent and council woman Janet has said more than once.

You will not hear me say, “Let me tell You something. I know…”, again as that same council woman has stated.

You will never hear me vote YES on a resolution that the public has had no chance to review, as some of the current elite have done.

Indiantown, your vote still counts, but only IF you vote!  Vote wisely, let your voice be heard August 18th, Loud and clear.

Tony Z