Not all decisions are super hard to make.

Sometimes we can make a decision at the snap of a finger and still be sure it is the right decision. Choices like walking around a large hole in our path. Or like stopping for a train when we see it nearing an intersection.

Here are a couple ideas that I think of as big NO-BRAINER’s and strike me as easy to implement. They will help make stepping around the holes placed in front of us easier.

The first is really the easiest one to achieve the fastest. Tell me if this sounds like a NO-BRAINER. Ready?

The official agenda for the Village Council meetings needs to be revised in a way that places the long drawn out self-promotion portion of the agenda to the end. That will bring the People’s business to the top of the AGENDA and the politicking agenda to the end of the People’s meeting. Here is a sample of the idea.

The proper use of the people’s time would be to first approve the agenda, Second would be to hear the public’s comments, agenda items or not. The third would be to do the People’s business. The last thing before adjournment should be reserved for councilperson updates and chatter. That way it will not consume the People’s time while we are dealing with their business. We will then be behaving in a way that does not protract from the People’s participation. Do the People’s business first so that it is the spotlight of the meeting. Then take your time for the speeches at the end, after all, a councilperson is a servant. Seems simple to me.

My second NO-BRAINER involves the repeated attempts to eschew the creation of a Communications Policy. More about that in the days to come.

In the meantime – drop me an e-mail at or place a comment below and let’s start talking about making things work for all of us.