I would like to share a hard lesson that took me many years to learn. I try to apply this lesson daily. The words can be found at Proverbs 23:7:

“For as you think in your hearts, so you are.”

I will never achieve equality until I believe I am equal, but I can never be seen as equal until I allow myself to be “equal”. Not by demanding equality, but by living the balance of equality in all I do.  Once I realize who and what I really am, I am then able to be a part of the equation of equal. We all have a role in achieving equality of opportunity for others and outcome for ourselves.

I see this opportunity to be your Councilman for Seat #2 as a chance to further serve you in a way that promotes and brings our hometown Village to the next level of accountability, prosperity and opportunity for all. How do we do all of this?

Together we will work to raise the basic standard of living in Indiantown. Through wise use of the resources and talents available to us, we can start down the path together. This will lead us all to better homes, better water, better employment, better schools. Together we will make an omelet without breaking any eggs!

I see our standard of living as a cornerstone to equality and opportunity. Can we do it? You bet we can and I am willing to put my name on the line for it!

Together we have an opportunity, will you help determine the outcome? Let me know what you think – drop me a line TonyZ@ElectTonyZ.com

Vote Tony Zweiner for Village Councilman Seat #2.