In the culture that we all live in today, where you can say anything you wish with no consequences simply by calling it “Satire”. Where the accepted standard of journalism is “Fake News”. The same culture where if one has a thought, it can become their reality without a trace of truth or honesty, regardless of the damage it causes. The lies and false narratives are especially true in the area of politics. Where it becomes too easy to brush it off as “It’s politics” or “Politics is a dirty business”.

I believe in and live by the “Golden Rule” and it says all is not “Fair in Love and War”. A lie is still a lie and a false narrative is a lie. There is definitely no love in damaging an others reputation by innuendo or falsehood.

For me and I believe many others, honesty would be very welcomed at this time in our daily culture, campaigns and governance. I cannot speak on behalf of others. However, when I do speak for myself you will know that I do so in truth. I do so to demonstrate to you that I am worthy of your trust. It is my hope that you will see these real-world values and principles. I am working hard to demonstrate these values to you in an effort to build trust. A trust that I will serve you in my actions as councilman. I have demonstrated the same values for over twenty years in our Village. This time I am asking that you let me serve with accountability as your servant and councilman for Seat #2.

I will not allow my campaign to crawl into the mud. We will not wallow with “Political Mud Slingers”. I will continue to stand on the principles that have brought me to this point. They are the same values and principles that I have demonstrated through my walk the last 20 years here in our Village.

Integrity, stewardship, service and accountability will continue to guide me. With my strong Indiantown work ethic, I will work to earn my seat at the table for you honestly. I am accountable to you for my actions and words. Through hard work and the many blessings of your support, we will make Indiantown an even nicer place to live and work. We will do so for our future and the future of those to come.

In the mean time, just the facts. No need to lie !


Vote Tony Zweiner for Village Councilman Seat #2