“Falsehoods have no place in this race – The Truth is so much more interesting. Why lie?”

– Tony Zweiner

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11 JUL 20

Anthony Zweiner Declares Rules of Engagement for His Campaign

“Falsehoods have no place in this race – the truth is so much more interesting”

Indiantown— 11 JUL 20Today at a campaign event, Anthony Zweiner announced that his campaign had been a victim of his opponents’ malicious lies and desperate actions by her supporters to act in an effort to desperately retain her current seat. Mr. Zweiner stated, “Our campaign does not have to resort to falsehoods and lies” He went on to add that the “truth is so much more interesting”.

“Just look at the poll numbers,” said a campaign staffer, “we do not need to lie. People know Mr. Zweiner is a man with integrity and honesty. To say otherwise is a falsehood.”

The campaign pledges not to behave in the same way his opponent and her supporters are.

Many people already know the truth about Mr. Zweiner. Scott Watson, owner of the local marina, recently committed his public support for Tony.  As have many other business owners like Mike Garrett. Mr. Zweiner assured his supporters, “We do not need to lie. We do not need to fabricate controversy. To all that say otherwise, know that I am determined to win this seat honestly with integrity.” He went on to add, “For someone to say otherwise is a demonstration of their character, especially when they know what they are saying is false.”

Mr. Zweiner’s campaign is focused on raising the standard of living in Indiantown and doing it with Stewardship, Accountability and Service.


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